Dear Concern,

I am a fan of Prototype. Recently when I was going to use Ajax.Updater
to update the value of a input (text) value it did not work. Please
consider my following code and please provide me a good solution.

<input name="txtItem" type="text" id="txtItem" />
<input name="txtCostingUnit" type="text" id="txtCostingUnit" value="<?
php if ($rn>0){echo $row[4];}?>" />
<input name="sumbit" type="submit" value="ok" onClick="getItemInfo()">

        function getItemInfo(){

           var vItem = document.getElementById("txtItem").value;
            var oOptions = {
                method: "get",
                parameters: "pcode=" + vItem

                var ajax = new


If I mention any DIV ID instead of Text type Input then the script
work fine. But my goal is to update text field value.



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