Thanks T.J. The "Language" section is definitely a prime example of an
area Prototype excels at where jQuery does little in. My aim is to use
both libraries in a manner that complements each other. Just looking
for positive reinforcement in that idea; looking for specific
strengths each library has.

On Jul 5, 2:15 am, "T.J. Crowder" <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Just generally speaking, but: If you go to the API reference[1], most
> things in the "Language" section fall into the category of things
> Prototype provides that jQuery doesn't. jQuery has $.each, but most of
> the other stuff in Prototype's Enumerable isn't in jQuery.
> I _think_ Prototype 1.7 (currently at RC2) has better support for
> querying the layout of elements than jQuery does -- for instance,
> finding out the current pixel value of an "auto" margin.
> [1]
> --
> T.J. Crowder
> Independent Software Consultant
> tj / crowder software /
> On Jul 4, 6:24 pm, "P.J." <> wrote:
> > Hi guys,
> > First off, here's a reference I'd like you to read so you'll
> > understand where I'm coming from.
> > It's written by Aaron Newton and it's about jQuery and MooTools. Short
> > and sweet, jQuery focuses on the DOM, and does a pretty good job with
> > it; and MooTools focuses on the entire JavaScript language.
> > Aaron's MooTools is my Prototype. I have a library that uses both
> > jQuery and Prototype. I'm not using Scriptaculous as jQuery can handle
> > most of the UI. I've been using Prototype to parse JSON and retrieve
> > data from external sources, and always consider using it first when I
> > come across something difficult to code. I have both in my library
> > because I wanted to be able to use widgets for both, thus netting me a
> > large variety of widgets and functionality from both camps.
> > Should I be treating Prototype similar to how Aaron views MooTools? As
> > an extension of the entire JavaScript language as a whole?
> > Does anyone have any examples of situations where Prototype provides
> > functionality that jQuery doesn't? Mainly, anything outside the UI.
> > jQuery also supports JSON usage, but by using Prototype I can not only
> > parse JSON but XML and other arbitrary data types as well. I wish to
> > re-evaluate my decision to use both in one library, especially if one
> > of my reasons was the usage of plugins from both camps and the other
> > was that Prototype and jQuery serve different purposes.
> > Please help me out, I always attempt to contribute my findings back to
> > the community and would greatly appreciate it.

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