I'm pretty new to both JavaScript and Prototype, but have been
programming for over 30 years, and so this one is causing me to tear
out what little hair I have left.  Basically, I can't seem to figure
out what is wrong when I move a function that works outside of a class
into a class, it is a very simple function, just wrap a piece of text
in double-quotes.  But when called from within a class, the script
blows up and dies.  I'm using Firefox, Firebug does see that the class
has the item and that it is a function; but the script dies as if it
could not find the function.  The JavaScript console remains empty.

Why does the function "quotes" (within the class) fail when the exact
same function "dquote" (outside the class) works fine.  I figure it's
something simple but it has eluded me.

    <script src="../prototype.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
      var printp = function( strStr ) { document.write( "<p>" + strStr
+ "</p>" ); };
      var dquote = function( strStr ) { return "\"" + strStr +
"\""; };

      printp( "Begin Test!" );

      printp( "Test 1: " + dquote( 'test 1' ) );

      var Test_01    = Class.create( {
          initialize: function( strName ) {
              this.name           = String( strName );

          quotes:         function( strStr ) { return "\"" + strStr +
"\""; },
          doc_name:       function()  { return quotes( this.name ); }

      var test_02 = new Test_01( 'test' );

      printp( "Test 2: \"" + test_02.name + "\"" );
      printp( "Test 3: "   + test_02.doc_name()  );

      printp( "End Test!" );


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