`update` isn't a global symbol, you either need `Element.update` or an
element instance on which you call `.update`, e.g.:

    var id = "foo";

    Element.update(id, "<p>Hi there</p>");
    // -or-
    $(id).update("<p>Hi there</p>");

(In the latter case, it doesn't have to be looked up by ID, as long as
you eventually get an extended instance of an element. Could be $$
('td.foo')[0] or any other way of getting a specific instance.)

More here:

Unless you mean Ajax.Updater, which does an Ajax call and then calls
#update behind the scenes, which is something totally different:

I'm afraid I don't immediately understand what the line in question
does, so I can't give an edited example of it. But hopefully the above
helps figure it out.

T.J. Crowder
Independent Software Consultant
tj / crowder software / com

On Jul 23, 7:22 pm, ChrisH <chris.hutch...@nthidta.org> wrote:
> I am trying to get a short list of supervisors into a form based on a
> selection "off_name" in an Autocompleter, also in that form.
> The code below worked until I added the getOfficerData() function,
> passing an index value returned in the <li> as li.id.
> I started getting "update not defined" errors in Firebug
> with the update($('eventform').oid.value, li.id);" line cited.  $
> ('eventform').oid is a hidden text field in the form, used just to
> hold
> the returned index for the selection.
> Any ideas on where I've gone wrong? I know I need to dynamically set
> the returned value so the second Autocompleter can pass it back in the
> next request.
>                 var auto2 = new Ajax.Autocompleter("off_name", 
> "off_name_choices",
> "username_response_generator.jsp",
>                         {
>                                 //tokens: ',',
>                                 paramName: "value",
>                                 minChars: 2,
>                                 indicator: "autocompleter_indicator2",
>                                 afterUpdateElement: getOffSelectionId});
>                 var auto3 = new Ajax.Autocompleter("supvname", 
> "supvname_choices",
> "supervisor_response_generator.jsp",
>                         {
>                                 paramName: "value",
>                                 minChars: 1,
>                                 indicator: "autocompleter_indicator3",
>                                 parameters: "uidx=" + 
> $('eventform').oid.value,
>                                 afterUpdateElement: getSupvSelectionId});
>                 function getOffSelectionId(text, li) {
>                 holdArray[0] = li.id;
>                 update($('eventform').oid.value, li.id);
>                 //getOfficerData();
>                 return holdArray;
>                 }

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