> I'm missing something here.

One of us is. :-)

The OP's problem was that using for..in on an array was looping
through the property names and he expected it to loop through array
indexes. That's the common misconception I was talking about. People
think for..in loops through array indexes, which is just plain wrong.
While it *does* that (because array indexes are property names), it's
not limited to doing that; it loops through all enumerable properties
(as you know). All will appear to be well in a vanilla environment
with a straightforward array instance, but not when either the
Array.prototype or the array instance has had other enumerable
properties added to it.

I think if you read the wiki article[1] I pointed him at (I wrote it,
a couple of years back) you'll see what I'm saying more clearly --
though since you clearly understand what for..in does, it may not be a
worthwhile way to spend your time. The article is for people like the
OP who aren't that familiar with JavaScript's arrays and the for..in

[1] http://proto-scripty.wikidot.com/prototype:tip-looping-through-arrays

-- T.J.

On Aug 3, 1:10 am, RobG <rg...@iinet.net.au> wrote:
> On Aug 3, 2:19 am, "T.J. Crowder" <t...@crowdersoftware.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > > > Yes, it's an extremely common misconception.
> > > What, that for..in iterates over an object's properties?
> > No, that it loops over array indexes.
> I'm missing something here. Array indexes are properties, which is why
> they are included in for..in iteration. The OPs problem was how to
> deal with properties from the [[prototype]] chain, not that array
> properties were included in for..in.
> There are two issues to deal with when using for..in with a javascript
> array:
>  1. properties may have been added to Array.prototype, and
>  2. object properties are not guaranteed to be returned in any
> particular order
> Both the above are common to any use of for..in. Item 1 is easily
> dealt with. If order matters, a for, while or do loop can be used.
> Otherwise, there is no issue.
> --
> Rob

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