Also, I was thinking this might be because the "return false" was not
coming quick enough to stop the standard form action. If I call it
synchronously, will it prevent the default action from being processed
until the javascript call completes?

On Aug 5, 12:49 pm, "reuben.m" <> wrote:
> Ok, I posted a thread a week or two ago about how I was having random
> and hard to reproduce problems with Ajax.Updater where the response
> would be to a standard post request rather than an XHR request. The
> full page returned would get stuck in the innerHTML and everything
> would fall apart.
> So I've finally been able to figure a bit more out on what is
> happening.
> First, the form request is generated by rails, which creates a
> javascript based response, and then the standard response to function
> as a fallback for browsers with disabled javascript functionality.
> The problem appears to be that every once in a while BOTH are called
> at nearly the same time. In firebugs console I can see an XHR post
> request followed immediately by a standard request, and the response
> for the standard request is shown as the returned value for both of
> them. (They both have the exact same ETag in the response headers)
> I have no idea WHY this is happening. Everything is solid. I fixed the
> one javascript error I mentioned in the previous post, no javascript
> errors or warnings are popping up.
> I guess I can setup the forms by hand so that the fallback action
> isn't created (it doesn't function correctly as a fallback anyway with
> the way the innerHTML request is setup) but that is a pain in the
> butt. Unless rail's  remote_form_for has an option to disable the
> standard form action and just rely on the "onsubmit" javascript.
> Has anybody any insight on why the browser would make both requests?
> Javascript taking too long to respond for instance?

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