Hi there,

I want to ensure, that messages are posted in the order, they come in
the stack. My tests at jsFiddle were okay, but with a quick backend
(where the requests are processed very fast) the order is crap.
Sometimes items are posted twice. Is there anybody who can help me
out? Thank you all!

var MessageQueue = Class.create({
        initialize: function(url) {
        this.url = url;
        this.queue = [];
        this.idle = false;
        add: function(message) {
        if (this.idle) {
                console.log("idle, so saved to queue: " + message);
        } else {
                console.log("not idle, so pushed directly: " + message);
        push: function(message) {
        this.idle = true;
        console.log("Ajax.Request will be called now!");
        new Ajax.Request(this.url + "&message=" +
encodeURIComponent(message), {
                onComplete: function() {
                        console.log("successfully sent: " + message);
                if (this.queue.size() > 0) {
                        console.log("queue-size > 0, so enqueue next item");
                        this.push("queued: " + this.queue.shift());
                this.idle = false;

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