Hi all,

I have a site that i need to make work in IE7 but i have run into a
very frustrating issue.

I am using django to generate the form for a payment request. As a
part of this form the user can input one or more breakdowns for this
payment, Because I only want to write the form once I duplicate the
breakdown using element.clone() and then clean it up before creating a
new form. I have this all working quite nicely. The issue I'm having
is when I combine this behavior with some code I have to allow the
filtering of <select> lists.

The issue occurs in IE7 and IE8 when rendering as IE7. It does not
occur in any other browser I have tested.

Here is an example:


To replicate, use IE7 or IE8 in IE7 compatibly mode, then click '+ Add
Breakdown' and then filter the new select list and try and expand the

Any assistance you can offer in solving this issue would be great.

-- Nich

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