On Aug 15, 5:12 pm, Blaine <blaine.simp...@admc.com> wrote:
> The way you suggest how to hand the sort gesture is how I implemented
> it first.  The result is terrible because the "th" click and drag
Why do you have a "a" in your th?
You could use the mouseup of the th.

In order to avoid flickering, you may not move the th upon drag until
mouse has moved at least, lets say 5 pixels.
I already meet this kind of issue with a custom made treecontrol where
nodes could be both clicked and dragged.
The way I did it:
- Just implemented the drag and drop
- on the drop, if the node is dropped on itself (its position has not
moved from more than 4 pixels) I throw my "drop on self" event (which
is really a "click" event in this case).

It works fine on production for many years now and tens of users[1]
are happy using it daily :o)

> I don't understand your suggestion about tab key, since that has been
> implemented and working since I first added editing, with the

Well, I tried again and it seems to work now, except that your online
demo is triggering an alert everytime now :o(

> significant limitation that the cycle ends when it opens a dropdown-
> list-editor.  This is because my custom dropdown-list-editors can not
> take focus.  It would take much more time than I have now to make the
> dropdown-list-editors able to capture keystrokes.  The only reason
> that I have to use a custom list editor is that it's impossible to
> programmatically trigger an "open" of a HTML select element.

Hum, it is not very nice to have some action only possible with
It can me ok with "easy life" features like reordering columns or
sorting, but not being able to edit the table content without a mouse
can be seen as a "no go" for many persons.

> FYI, complete API references now available on the site for JavaScript,
> CSS class names, and Java for app server integration.

Thank you, I'll try to have a look on it.


[1] Yes, this is on an intranet, so number of users is not very

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