> I know IE does not support <video>, but mine does thanks to kaltura
> library.

Probably a question best addressed to Kaltura, then. My suspicion is
that they can't add the video functions to the element instance
automagically for the same reason Prototype can't, and so I bet they
have an equivalent to the $ function you need to pass the element
through before calling `play`. Just a guess, but since we know they
can't extend the element object via its prototype (because IE doesn't
allow that)...

T.J. Crowder
Independent Software Consultant
tj / crowder software / com

On Aug 20, 11:22 am, Alberto Gil Fernández <algi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> To moderators: i just posted this problem but im now an step ahead.
> Wanted to edit/delete previous entry but couldn't fin how.
> I have got the following function:
> function tts() {
>         var videoElement = $(document.createElement('video'));
>         videoElement.setAttribute('src','anim1.ogg');
>         videoElement.observe("loadeddata",
>                 function() {
>                         $('response').innerHTML="";
>                         $('response').appendChild(videoElement);
>                 }, true);
>         videoElement.observe("ended",
>                 function() {
>                         $('response').innerHTML =
>                                 "<img src=\"electric_sheep.jpg\" 
> alt=\"avatar\" />"
>                 }, true);
>         videoElement.play();
> }
> This works just fine on FF and Chrome, but does not work on IE. I got
> the annoying "Object does not support this property or method" error
> when i reach the "videoElement.play();" line.
> I know IE does not support <video>, but mine does thanks to kaltura
> library. This code works:
>     <video id="mivi">
>         <source type="video/h264" src="electric_sheep.mp4" />
>       </video>
> so i guess the error is coming from somewhere else.
> Suggestions?
> Thanks you :)

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