I've just published release 1.0b1 of AutoTable.

The latest feature addition is table row filtering.  As always, many
examples available on the web site:  http://admc.com/autotable

Filtering capabilities:

    Either browser or server may filter the data rows.

    Any combination of filter application mode:  no-submit (browser
filter), Ajax xfer, traditional get or post.

    Browser reports and focuses on bad filter values, whether browser
or server applies filters.

    Datatype-smart keystroke filtering and commit validation.

    Default boolean search is by radio buttons (see the samples).  Can
easily change to pulldown or even text entry.

    Page author specifies the single class name "at_filter-glob" to
filter by */? wildcard pattern.

    Page author specifies the single class name "at_filter-opArg" to
filter by list of (or single) literal values or comparison operators
like:  "70, <25, >=100".

    Page author specifies the single class name "at_filter-clientAuto"
to auto-populate filter pulldown list with all of the column's
distinct values.

    Page author specifies the class name "at_filter-choicesAuto" to
populate filter pulldown list with values supplied with the table

    As all AutoTable features, works 100% with no server whatsoever
unless you are using IE (which prohibits Ajax file: transfers).  For
application server users, filtering capabilities of the provided war
are thoroughly unit tested.

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