> Odd that I was not presented with any JS errors in the browser though?

When doing Ajax requests with the Prototype stuff, you *always* want
to use both `onFailure` and `onException` callbacks. In this case, you
would have seen the exception in the `onException` callback. Prototype
catches exceptions in Ajax callback and routes them to that function
(if it exists), eating them silently otherwise. You can do that either
in each Ajax request, or via responders:

This may also be useful:

T.J. Crowder
Independent Software Consultant
mail: tj / crowder software / com
web: www / crowder software / com

On Sep 8, 8:26 am, Jonhoo <j...@thesquareplanet.com> wrote:
> Ah, thanks, that is most probably the problem!
> Odd that I was not presented with any JS errors in the browser though?
> I usually use Firebug for debugging - the alerts were there from my
> early debugging where I just wanted to check the output from the ajax
> request =)

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