When you say "input does not work", do you mean that when you type
keys, the input does not appear in the field?

What kind of browser?

How about copy and pasting from your browser's "view source" (or
similar) so we don't have to guess whether there is a problem with
your server framework ("post[message]" should not appear in view-

You pasted so little code that I don't know whether you are doing it
or not... but either put a log statement or alert after all JS code
that needs to work, or wrap it in a try and make sure to log or alert
about thrown errors.

On Sep 10, 2:11 pm, "nigeke...@googlemail.com"
<nigeke...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi
> I cannot get text input working on this dynamically generated form.
> I'm new to forms so maybe I'm missing something easy.
> My code is:
> $('ScoreScene').insert( new Element('form', {
>                         id:"scoreForm",
>                         method:"post",
>                         action:'http://xxx.xxx.xx.xxx:3000/posts/
> create'
>                       }));
> $('scoreForm').insert(new Element('p',{id:'messageLbl'}));
> $('messageLbl').update('Message:');
> $('messageLbl').insert(new Element('input',{ type:'text', id:
> 'messageIn', name: 'post[message]'}));
> Styling is also applied.
> I can focus on the element but input does not work.
> I've tried various enable and disable function but nothing seems to
> work.
> Nigel

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