Blaine - Thanks for responding.

Exactly. When I type the text into the field it does not appear. I can
focus it but I cannot type into it.

The browser I'm using is Safari 5.0.1.

Copy and pasting the source doesn't help. I use the index page only to
load up the js libraries and some css. I have simplified the code down
so that I can give a simple presentation of the issue. I am just
extract code into a seperate application and see if this gives a good

Basically this is part of a stand alone game developed with phonegap
to run on webOS, iOS and android.

I am currently introducing some networking capability for a score

I can post to my rails server controller/model if I hard code the
input element values. I can also get data. I do not use the rails

I guess you do not see something obvious in the code below. That's all
I wanted to check. Was I doing something stupid because I am new to

Looking at Web Inspector I notice that the contentEditable property is
set to false for the input elements. Should this be true?

I'll take on board your advice.


On Sep 10, 7:38 pm, Blaine <> wrote:
> When you say "input does not work", do you mean that when you type
> keys, the input does not appear in the field?
> What kind of browser?
> How about copy and pasting from your browser's "view source" (or
> similar) so we don't have to guess whether there is a problem with
> your server framework ("post[message]" should not appear in view-
> source).
> You pasted so little code that I don't know whether you are doing it
> or not... but either put a log statement or alert after all JS code
> that needs to work, or wrap it in a try and make sure to log or alert
> about thrown errors.
> On Sep 10, 2:11 pm, ""
> <> wrote:
> > Hi
> > I cannot get text input working on this dynamically generated form.
> > I'm new to forms so maybe I'm missing something easy.
> > My code is:
> > $('ScoreScene').insert( new Element('form', {
> >                         id:"scoreForm",
> >                         method:"post",
> >                         action:'
> > create'
> >                       }));
> > $('scoreForm').insert(new Element('p',{id:'messageLbl'}));
> > $('messageLbl').update('Message:');
> > $('messageLbl').insert(new Element('input',{ type:'text', id:
> > 'messageIn', name: 'post[message]'}));
> > Styling is also applied.
> > I can focus on the element but input does not work.
> > I've tried various enable and disable function but nothing seems to
> > work.
> > Nigel

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