On 12 Sep 2010, at 22:43, blancdememoire wrote:

I'm new to javasripting.

I would like to hear what most of you think javascript can do that is
very usefull and essential for a site aside fun animation that can
give it a nice look and feel ?

Everything you want to handle clientside basically.

We use it for:
- event delegated clientside form validation
- column views with drag and drop similar to what you can do in the Finder in MacOS X
- a calendar similar to Google calendar
- allowing pulldown lists (<select>) to be defined by the customer without having to go to a separate page
- autosuggest boxes
- ...

You should just make a good normal web app without Javascript and then use Javascript to enhance the experience. What, where and how will depend on the app.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

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