Hello everyone,

    I have a strange problem and I think I need you help. I use
scriptaculous.js v1.8.3 for a very simple thing, when a user click a
link a division appear. Easy.

    Now, the division once invisibile contains a very long text with
couple of link of the form

    <a name="one-name" />

    This links are placed before main chapters of the text, letting
the user jumo to some point without scrolling. Now, what I' like to do
is having a list of chapters OUTSIDE from the invisible division, and
when a user click the link

    1. The division appear
    2. The browser will get to the internal link

    What i did is a simple javascript

function linkChapter(chapName) {

        Effect.Appear("bookOne", {  duration: 0.15 , afterFinish:function()
{ document.location.href(chapName); } } );


    And every link OUTSIDE the invisible division will launch this
script with the appropriate chapName. Now, this does not work. In a
wird way.

    - The division appear correctly
    - The link does not work
    - If a click the link when the division is visible (after the
effet,. with another click) the link works !

    I tried different things, none of them working. Do you think is a
problem of the DOM not refreshing the new links ? Any help appreciated


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