Javascript can be executed on the server in Ajax. The un-nested version I
documented in my last email runs fine.

If I run the Ajax.updater without nesting two calls, the first call executes
fine on the server loading Javascript and executing. When the response comes
back however, it is loaded with iframes and Javascript so if I have a
firewall up the response hits the firewall and dies.

On 9/16/10 3:51 AM, "ColinFine" <> wrote:

> On Sep 15, 1:54 am, Ed Fullman <> wrote:
>> The file fbsidebar.html is a standard Facebook plugin as follows.
>> I need fbsidebar.html to run on the server, and return only the rendered
>> code. In this (current) configuration, the Ajax.updater in Index.html will
>> return a bunch of iframes and javascript that make subsequent calls in the
>> browser to Facebook domains encountering corporate firewalls.
> AFAICS fbsidebar.html is HTML with Javascript embedded.
> I don't think you can run Javascript on the server without a SSJS
> system on the server: I've never heard of running it server-side in an
> HTML page like a PHP program.

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