I doubt you can get Prototype and MooTools to work reliably together
on the same page, regardless of what browser you're using. Prototype
and MooTools use some of the same global symbols (`$` for instance)
and neither of them as far as I know has any kind of "compatibility"
or "no conflict" mode that would allow them to play nicely with
others. Prototype and MooTools both make changes to the prototypes of
HTML elements and various natives (like Array), some of which
extensions stomp on each other.

I'd recommend either using MooTools plug-in for model boxes (if that's
your only reason for using Prototype), or ditching MooTools entirely
and switching over to Prototype. MooTools was "inspired by" (or forked
from, depends who you ask) Prototype and so a number of things are the
same (but a number are different as well).

T.J. Crowder
Independent Software Engineer
tj / crowder software / com
www / crowder software / com

On Sep 18, 6:50 pm, nono1974 <arnaud.dom...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am currently using joomla 1.5.20 which comes with mootools 1.2.4.
> I am also using modalbox.js which uses prototype (1.6.1).
> If every things works great under firefox and chrome.
> It goes to hell when i am under internet explorer 7 or 8
> I am getting javascript exception
> The object doesn't manage this properties or this function...
> After many tests it comes from prototype.js which could not work
> basically with mootools.
> I glance at many forums but didn't catch clear solutions to solve that
> If somebody could help me it would be really appreciated

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