IE's implementation of `getAttribute` has a number of issues, one of
which being that 'href' is returned as an absolute path rather than as
its real value (prior to IE8, anyway; they fixed it). Prototype's
`readAttribute` fixes most of IE's issues, including that one. If
you're using Prototype (which I assume you are), *always* use
`readAttribute` instead of `getAttribute`.

>From the title of your post, it sounded to me like you were seeing
that behavior with Prototype's `readAttribute`, which surprised me,
but a quite test showned that `readAttribute` *does* handle this for
you: http://jsbin.com/idegu3 So unless you're running an old version
of Prototype, using `readAttribute` should do the trick.

If you actually *do* want the absolute version of the href, use the
`href` property rather than attribute; details:

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On Oct 2, 6:39 pm, Vinoth John <vinu_b...@yahoo.co.in> wrote:
> Div tags generated from template's href value , when it is tried to be
> retrieved through read attribute function. I get the href value
> correctly in Mozzila and google chrome but in Internet Explorer , i am
> getting the absolute path , instead of the href value alone.
> Any comments on this issue is welcome.
> Thanks,
> Vinoth John

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