Well, one can not give up! Prototypes are quite mature and a good
library should only create as Microsoft sites such miniprojects here
and the whole community to develop them, and we will long stand in the

On 5 окт, 19:54, "T.J. Crowder" <t...@crowdersoftware.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Well, Prototype's had templates for 
> years:http://api.prototypejs.org/language/template/
> It's true, though, jQuery is seeing a lot of investment and interest.
> These three Microsoft plugins themselves aren't all that much to write
> home about (though the globalization is exciting), but the _fact_ of
> them coming on the heels of Microsoft's recently re-upping their
> commitment to jQuery is significant.
> --
> T.J. Crowder
> Independent Software Engineer
> tj / crowder software / com
> www / crowder software / com
> On Oct 5, 3:52 pm, buda <www...@pochta.ru> wrote:
> > jQuery is developing very quickly. Unfortunately it must be noted that
> > this development forced to move to jQuery although I prefer the
> > prototype.
> > On 5 окт, 17:14, buda <www...@pochta.ru> wrote:
> > >http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2010/10/04/jquery-templates-da...
> > > This is very useful - this must be in prototype too!

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