On Oct 9, 8:57 am, asb <ast.bha...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater is not working in IE [9]. Tested in other
> browser its working.
> Help Needed

Dear asb,

I am sure that plenty of people here are willing to assist you, but
"is not working" is usually not enough information to allows anybody
to help you in efficient way (neither is "is not working in IE [9]").
Do you mean that :
- it raises an execution error? (in this case, which error message do
you get?)
- it doesn't do what you expect it to do? (in this case, what does it

Also note that AFAIK the IE9 beta is not yet officially supported by
If you try to use it already, you may need to put hands in the source
(once again, if you give more information about what you're trying to
do and what is actually happening, I am sure you will get some help
for solving your issue).


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