Hello all,

I would like to have an advice for the following case presented here

I have the following HTML element:
<input type="button" name="Result" value="RESULT"
onclick="showResult(<?php echo $inter; ?>)" />

in JS function called showResult(id) {

I'm calling:
new Ajax('components/com_toto/ajaxHandler.php',{postBody:'id='+id,
onComplete: showTitit, update:'new'}).request();

The handling is correctly made on the server side, a HTML content is
generated and echo-ed and the callback "showTiti is called when
processing is over.

Everything is OK up to now.

I need to send back (from server to the client):
- the HTML content (that I'm already doing);
- some parameters in order to do different things on the client side
depending on.

The question I have is: how to send these parameters aside to the HTML
content and how to retrieve them in the JS callback 'showTiti"?

Thank you a lot.

Have a good day,

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