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> Hello
> How do I clear a prototype hash?  I have finally tried and failed with below
> after trying hashBrown.length=0 and hashBrown.clear().
>   hashBown.each(function(key) {
>         hashBrown.unset(key);
>       });

I'm surprised the loop didn't work, it seems to:

Or you could add your own `clear` function, but you'd want to be sure
to check with each Prototype dot release that the implementation
didn't need to be tweaked:

* * * *
// Add Hash#clear
// Note that this must be RECHECKED on every Prototype dot release
// to ensure that the internals haven't changed.
(function() {
  function Hash_clear() {
    this._object = {};

  Hash.prototype.clear = Hash_clear;
* * * *

I would _not_ suggest just doing hashBrown._object = {}; inline in
your code. Define a method and check the implementation on every dot
release, so there's only one place to add it.

I _know_ I've seen discussion of adding a #clear method to hash, but I
don't recall the result. As it's not in 1.7, maybe someone thought it
wasn't a good idea, but it seems like an odd omission to me. I've done
a ticket in Lighthouse[1] offering to do a patch on git (for 1.7.1,
not 1.7.0) if people do want it.


T.J. Crowder
Independent Software Engineer
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