Hey Folks -

So I have a situation that I think a lot of us are in that I want to
see if I can plan for.  So, IE9 is probably going to be released
before the production version of Scripty2.  And I have a few (in
production) web apps that run on Script.aculo.us.   Prototype is
adding in IE9 support in 1.7 (which I assume will be released before

So the situation is you/me/whomever doesn't want to run beta
(scripty2) code on a production site.  And, unfortunately, it is an
absolute must to support IE9 when it comes out. However, I don't know
if the Prototype team is making sure their new code works with the in
production script.aculo.us. Even testing a great deal isn't going to
really reveal this because there could be issues that only show
themselves in one particular version of a particular browser.

The alternative is to force IE to behave as IE8 for the time being
(but that isn't ideal because I have some canvas code and I would like
excanvas to slowly be used less because it is WAY slow).

Anyhow, being this is going to be a big issue for, well, everyone who
is using script.aculo.us for anything serious I thought I would ask.

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