Sorry, I don't understand. How would you store a reference to the
Object in the paragraph?

Or would you keep a list (or an array) of paragraph-objects that have
a reference to the paragraph-DOM-Element?

On Nov 6, 7:33 pm, buda <> wrote:
> Keep reference to the object in storage of a paragraph, video and etc
> On 4 ноя, 23:09, Luke <> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > sorry for the non-descriptive topic, I couldn't think of anything
> > better. However, I'm currently working on a project where you can
> > create simple webpages by adding different types of paragraphs, (eg.
> > Text, Image, Video) one below the other, and edit their contents, move
> > or delete them. Basically like this:
> >
> > Im rewriting the JS and I have a little problem here; I recently read
> > that extending the DOM is basically a bad idea and that in Prototype 2
> > they will even stop that practice. Now my idea (actually) was, for a
> > project like this, to create classes for each paragraph-type with
> > methods and properties that I would extend the paragraph-DOM with. I
> > mean that if I had, like in the above image, three paragraphs, each
> > would be represented by a DIV with the class="paragraph text" or
> > class="paragraph video" etc. On the JS-side there would be classes
> > like "Text" or "Video" which would have a method that would extend
> > those DIVs with functions and properties necessary to edit, move or
> > delete that paragraph. When, for example, the user clicks on an
> > editlink, it simply would call its paragraph's edit-method. Everything
> > would be nice and clean.
> > But now I know, extending is bad. So I'm kinda stuck here, I don't
> > know how to write unobtrusive JS without writing terrible spaghetti-
> > esque code with lots of observers. I mean I could still organize parts
> > of the code in classes, but there would be a long list of observers
> > (eg. for clicking an edit-link) with switch-cases for the types of
> > paragraphs. Actually even with extending the DOM I'm not totally sure
> > how I would catch the edit-clicking event. As I said, I'm kind of
> > stuck :). Can you help me with ideas? How would you do this?
> > Thanks a lot,
> > Luke

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