1. No need to be offensive. If you think a question is beneath you, by
all means ignore it rather than moaning into everyone's mailbox.

2. This question is almost certainly about Prototype's `Class`
feature, not JavaScript. Yes, if you know JavaScript well you
automatically know the answer to certain aspects of the question, but
we were all new once, we all have limited time to read things, and we
don't all learn perfectly reading general texts; sometimes we need our
specific question answered in order to understand a broader concept.
T.J. Crowder
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On Dec 16, 5:02 pm, bernard <> wrote:
> I truly wish some people would take the trouble to buy a javascript book
> instead of off-topic-posting in this group... meh.
> b.
> Intellectual honesty consists in taking ideas seriously. To take ideas 
> seriously means that you intend to live by, to practice, any idea you accept 
> as true.
> [Ayn Rand]

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