Below is a patch to PeriodicalExecuter that should do what your
asking, I have Prototype 1.7.min and this patch is untested:

{this.currentlyExecuting=false;throw e}}}});

I suggest you make a backup of your current prototype implementation
if you have made any other modifications to it.

Replace the current PeriodicalExecuter class with the one above.

To find out what iteration PE is on just call 'pe.iterations', 'pe'
being the variable name of the argument supplied to the callback

Or to find out from outside of the callback just use 'pe.iterations',
in this case 'pe' being the variable name in which the implementation
of PeriodicalExecuter is stored.

Hope this helps.



Oh and Merry Christmas.

On Dec 18, 11:20 am, JoJo <tokyot...@gmail.com> wrote:
> What's the best way to find which iteration the PeriodicalExecutuer is
> currently on? What I'm trying to do is step through an array slowly
> (period of 0.5 seconds) and having the ability to stop at an arbitrary
> time. The PeriodicalExecuter has the ability to stop, but it doesn't
> have the ability to step sequentially through an array. Or should I
> not even attempt to use PE's for this?

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