What does your actual Ajax.Request code look like?
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On Jan 2, 5:40 am, kstubs <kst...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm passing a parameter string to parameter: of the Ajax.Request object.  My
> string looks like:
> stamp=1293946016965&LookupIndex=1&p_meetid=10066&p_session=5&p_division=Sr+ 
> 16%2b&p_level=8&page=1&limit=50&query_name=lookup_scores
> See: p_division=Sr+16%2b (this is correct at this point)
> When I examine the post from the console it is changed to:
>  p_division=Sr%2b16%2b
> This is incorrect, because server side it becomes: Sr+16+
> What I need is: Sr 16+ which this Sr+16%2b would yield.
> Is this expected, this additional encoding?  Does this mean I can build a
> parameter string with no encoding?  Should I encode the space differently?
> Karl..

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