I am using the InplaceEditor inside Rails-Views. I customized the behaviour 
but I am still looking for one more thing:
Currently, on clicking the element or using the external control "edit", the 
input is shown and all text inside is selected (and requires one more click 
to de-select). Is there an option to not select the text and position the 
cursor and the beginning (in case of text area) or at the end (in case of 
one line input)?

      <%= javascript_tag do %>
             new Ajax.InPlaceEditor('<%= dom_id(task, :name) %>', '<%= 
tab_task_path(task.tab, task) %>',  { 
                submitOnBlur: true, 
                okControl: false, 
                cancelControl: false, 
                cols: 44, 
                savingText: "", 
                highlightColor: "#dddddd",
                highlightEndColor: "#dddddd",
                clickToEditText: "",
                externalControlOnly: true, 
                externalControl: <%= dom_id(task, :nameedit) %>, 
                htmlResponse: false, 
                ajaxOptions: {method: 'put'}, 
                callback: function(form, value) { return 'name=' + 
encodeURIComponent(value) },   
                onComplete: function(transport, element) {  }
             } );
          <% end %> 

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