OK, testing 1.7 and am finding that my encoded parameter is being decoded 
with decodeURIComponent in toQueryParms:

  function toQueryParams(separator) {
    var match = this.strip().match(/([^?#]*)(#.*)?$/);
    if (!match) return { };

    return match[1].split(separator || '&').inject({ }, function(hash, pair) 
      if ((pair = pair.split('='))[0]) {
        var key = decodeURIComponent(pair.shift()),
            value = pair.length > 1 ? pair.join('=') : pair[0];

        if (value != undefined) value = decodeURIComponent(value);

        if (key in hash) {
          if (!Object.isArray(hash[key])) hash[key] = [hash[key]];
        else hash[key] = value;
      return hash;

So, my original value:    Sr 16+
Encoded as:                 Sr+16%2b
Is decoded to:               Sr+16+

And this is wrong.  Any ideas, am I doing something wrong do you suppose?

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