> ...I getting "Error sintax" but If
> I remove the When Value with the date the evalJSON works without any
> problem does any know why is this...

Because you're giving invalid JSON. (JSONLint.com is useful for
checking.) JSON has no `new` operator, and no concept of `Date`s:

If you want to _extend_ JSON to include Dates, you'll need to use a
JSON parser that understands the concept of a "reviver" helper
function (AFAIK, Prototype's `parseJSON` doesn't), and you'll need to
supply a "reviver" helper that understands the kinds of date
information you'll be throwing at it. Crockford (the inventer of JSON)
has three JSON parser implementations, all of which I believe support
using a "reviver":

The `json2.js` version does some security checks and uses `eval` under-
the-covers. If you're not comfortable with that, you can use
`json_parse.js` or `json_parse_state.js`, neither of which uses
`eval`. The former is a recursive-descent parser, the latter is a
state machine.

T.J. Crowder
Independent Software Engineer
tj / crowder software / com
www / crowder software / com

On Jan 6, 6:27 pm, ncubica <ncub...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi I'm working with the evalJSON method many time before but some
> reason now is sending me a "Error Sintax" when I try it to use with
> any Date format.
> the json string which I'm receiving in the responseJSON is the follow.
> [{"Aspirante_id":37,"AspirantesComentarios_id":
> 6,"Comentario":"asdfadsf","Who":"nahum","When":new
> Date(1294268679000)}]
> I'm doing something like "[{"Aspirante_id":
> 37,"AspirantesComentarios_id":
> 6,"Comentario":"asdfadsf","Who":"nahum","When":new
> Date(1294268679000)}]".evalJSON(); and I getting "Error sintax" but If
> I remove the When Value with the date the evalJSON works without any
> problem does any know why is this,  do I'm doing something wrong, Im
> working this with Newtosoft and C#.
> Code C# is a webmethod
>             var commentsFound = from comment in
> aspirantescomentario.All() where comment.Aspirante_id  ==
> Convert.ToInt32(id) orderby comment.When descending select new
> { comment.Aspirante_id, comment.AspirantesComentarios_id,
> comment.Comentario, comment.Who, comment.When };
>             var js = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(commentsFound,new
> JavaScriptDateTimeConverter());
>             Context.Response.Output.Write(js);
>             Context.Response.End();
>             return string.Empty;

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