I'm using some draggables, where "on drop" I create a new element
positioned in the place that the draggable was dropped. So you can
drag multiple things (from, say a toolbar) onto the page where ever
you like.

I used the following snippet to do so with Prototype 1.6.1 and
Scriptaculous 1.8.3:


This worked fine with Prototype 1.6.1, the new element would be
created where the draggable was dropped. However, with Prototype 1.7,
the new element is created where the draggable was *dragged from*.

It's almost as if the onDrop event is being called after it reverts
back to it's original position. I've tried bisecting through the
commits between 1.6 and 1.7 to see if I can find the time that it
changes, but so many commits between the two versions break
Scriptaculous in multiple ways so I haven't been able to narrow it

Is this expected behaviour now? Is this is bug in Prototype or

Or is there a better way to achieve what I want?



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