On Jan 14, 2:53 pm, ehickstech <ehickst...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for responding.  I'm sending via POST.  Here's the script
> function sendRequest() {
>         new Ajax.Request("/edit/doorhangers/add_ajax/",
>         {
>             encoding: 'UTF-8',
>             method: 'post',
>             parameters: 'qty='+ $F('qty') + '&size='+ $F('size') +
> '&stock='+ $F('stock')
>                 + '&sides='+ $F('sides') + '&price='+ $F('price'),
>             onComplete: showResponse
>         });
>     }
> The stock field has values in it like "100# Glossy Cover".   When I
> echo it from the AJAX function, it just says "100"

You might be sending by POST, but you are creating a query string as
used in a GET, so you would need to uri_encode.
If you are using POST, you don't need build a string like that anyway.
As others have suggested, giving Ajax.Request an object is a better

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