I've got an archive of a PHP framework. The archive contains the 55
official releases and patch levels to date. It is NOT an SVN/CVS
repository, just a directory for each release and expanded content in
each directory.

There are just over 111,000 files in total.

What I'm looking for is a quick way to see the differences between the
different versions for a particular file.

To that end, the idea I've got is to have a two panel display.

The left panel is a tree view of combined contents of all the versions
(but missing the version from the tree).


So, if a file is added in version x, it will appear in the appropriate
place in the tree.

The second panel will somehow display the versions and the differences
between the versions.

My backend is PHP. I'm happy in producing and caching the diffs (the
diff between version A and version B will never change, so once
generated, a cache will be fine.

The idea is to be able to see the evolution of a class through its
releases and to be able to see the changes.

I'm pretty sure I'm reinventing the wheel here to some degree.

For the tree, I was thinking of using something like ExtJS, but I
don't know enough about the licensing issues going on in there.

I like Prototype, but there doesn't seem to be the UI components for
Prototype/Scripty that other libraries have.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to use the frontend on multiple source
trees. That can easily be handled server side with a small list on
screen to choose the project and tree style.

So. What suggestions do you have.



Richard Quadling
Twitter : EE : Zend
@RQuadling : e-e.com/M_248814.html : bit.ly/9O8vFY

Richard Quadling
Twitter : EE : Zend
@RQuadling : e-e.com/M_248814.html : bit.ly/9O8vFY

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