Update: after futile attempts to find the solution, I ultimately ended
up hacking the dragdrop.js library to work in a parented window
environment.  I can say conclusively that my goal of having draggables
in an iframe scroll the iframe's parent window was not possible using
the class as written.

It would be great if the scriptaculous wizards could do a proper job
of this and provide a third type of scroll support--dom obj, window,
and parent--that works in all browsers.  (I am lucky enough to be able
to ignore IE, so my webkit-only hack works for now.)

Thanks to anyone who scratched their heads on this one.

On Feb 5, 4:41 pm, Steve Stringer <ixna...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have an app where I'm drawing draggable objects within an iframe.
> For design reasons, the iframe is borderless, has no internal scroll
> bars, and needs to look as if it were a part of the parent window.  In
> other words, it's invisible.
> The iframe has several draggables and droppables that may extend
> beyond the borders of the parent window (i.e. a tall iframe) but would
> otherwise be entirely within the boundaries of the iframe itself.
> For security reasons, I can't show you the actual page, but I've drawn
> up a mock-up that illustrates what I'm describing:
> http://bit.ly/dMmcLI
> Since the iframe has the same dimensions as its child document, the
> draggable never traverses its boundaries.  Because script.aculo.us
> never detects the border collision, it never calls the Draggable
> scroll method.
> So my question is if there is a way to make the draggable detect
> scrolling beyond the border of the parent window and scroll it.  To
> put it another way, is there a way to make the draggable behave as if
> its a part of the parent window, not the iframe.
> Many thanks in advance for your help.
> Cheers,
> Steve

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