I believe this is a requirement -- that I not use remove -- because the elements I'm trying to move around all have form element observers attached directly to their children, and I am pretty sure this will mess me up. Please let me know if that's not true and I don't need to worry.

Here's a thumbnail of what's in the page:


And there's more than one such group on the page. What I need to do is loop through the input.start elements in each div.captions group, and re-sort their parent divs inside the form so they appear in their start order. I want to fire this whenever a start time is updated, and I already have a custom event listener where I can slot that in.

My initial pass at this would be to get my collection:

$$('div.captions form').each(function(elm){
        var parent = elm;
        var list = elm.select('div.caption');
        list.sortBy( someMagicFunctionHere );

But if I do that, won't I kill the form element observers that are attached to my input.start elements?

Is there another way (maybe just a native DOM thing) to change the order of elements without removing them from the page in the process?



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