I have a CSS selector set up to use some CSS3 selectors to query the


This has worked on all browsers for quite some time in one of our
validation scripts.  The problem arises when we switch to Prototype
1.6.1. Prototype 1.6.1 was designed to use IE8's 'Selectors API'
implementation. This implementation only supports CSS 2.1 selectors.
Because of this we have IE6 (yes even 6) and 7 (and of course all
other sane browsers) working well with CSS3 selectors.  They're using
the native DOM-based selector API versus the 'Selectors API'.

Is there a way to force Prototype to use the default DOM-based query

I can force IE-7 compatibility mode, but I'd like to keep some of the
other improvements IE8 makes.  Any suggestions?

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