After upgrading to 1.7, I noticed my JSONP implementation was broken.
My class inherits from Ajax.Base and starts with a string
options.parameters and later adds a callback property to it.   The 1.6
Ajax.Base converted this string to an object via:
  if (Object.isString(this.options.parameters))
      this.options.parameters =

Without this conversion in 1.7, my callback property was not being
added correctly.  The solution was to either add this conversion to my
class or to start with an options.parameters object (rather than a

Not a big deal, but just wanted to:
1) Make sure I'm not wrong about my problem.
2) Clarify that this was removed with a purpose to enforce
options.parameters to be an object (or hash).
3) Help anyone who runs into a similar problem with their custom Ajax
classes after upgrading to 1.7.

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