Hello all,

I have a web page to insert student's grades into a DB table. So, this
is what I'm doing:

1 - A table is built dinamically with all the students names and one
input for each other, which will be their grade;
2 - A submit button will call a function which will post all this data
(student's ID and grade) into another page (insert_data.php), which
will insert it into the DB and return a SUCCESS or FAILURE, for each
3 - As I can have a lot of students, the post is timing out (as the
parameters variable is huge), so I'm doing one post for each student,
instead of putting all the data into an array and posting only once.

It works perfectly so far, but here's my question:

As the calls to the second page (insert_data.php) are working like a
asynchronous thread, can this page get confused with the variables
it's receiving? I already did several tests into my test bed (which
were all successful, as I said), but I'd like to be confident that
this approach won't cause any issues in production, when I'll have
much more student's grades to be inserted at the same time.

I'm assuming something like a session is created for each post, which
is making them to be received properly by insert_data.php, but, again,
I just want to receive a final confirmation from anyone that may
possible already worked on it.

Please let me know if I wasn't clear and I can send more details and/
or snippet of the code.

Thanks in advance!

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