The standard action of a form submission is to send the form to the
server and then tear down the page, replacing it with the response
from the server.

In your code, you're not cancelling the default action of the submit,
and so although the JavaScript in your submit handler is running and
opening the window, it's then closed as part of the tear-down of the
page. You probably want a `return false;` at the end of your onsubmit
string, or you want to use Prototype to hook up the submit handler and
use `event.stop()`.

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On Mar 26, 10:29 am, tsunami <o.ei...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am using prototype for  a little form popup (choice selection)
> Everything works fine, as long I am using
> something like:
>  <a href="javascript:openURLWindow('emailoderdrucken.php?id=211')"
> style="margin-left:100px;">
> <img src="images/rechnung_generieren.gif" border="0" alt="Rechnung
> generieren..." class="Tips4" title="Rechnung generieren..."></a>
> I am trying to use it now when submitting a form:
>   <form name="nachrichtsenden" action="emailoderdrucken_schreiben.php"
> onsubmit="openURLWindow('emailoderdrucken_schreiben.php')";>
> The small popups blinks and then come up maximisez as a normal window.
> No effect, no resize.
> A simple alert("test"); brings up the test popup-alert. How I call the
> javascript should not matter, shpuldn't it?
> Best
> tsunami

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