I guess what he means is this:
He opens a popup and wants to access a variable that's declared in the parent window. He could pass the value of the variable in the url (= by get, $_GET in PHP) but he wants to support large texts and might pose a problem when put in the url.

I don't think there is a "prototype-way" to do this, but it can still be done with standard javascript:
opener.document.getElementById("foo").value = 'bar';


Am 26.03.2011 19:03, schrieb T.J. Crowder:

On Mar 26, 5:42 pm, tsunami<o.ei...@googlemail.com>  wrote:
Dear all,
is there a possibillity to support vars from the parent window? Yes,
of course by get, but I want to support large texts.
So get might be a wrong decision.

Not following you, can you explain more what you mean?
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