I have seen this question asked a few years ago with no answer.  Has
anyone managed to create a SlideUp/SlideDown effect that works in
reverse of the current effects?  IE: The Div gets pulled down and
disappears, and the Div gets pushed up and reappears.  The current
effect gets pulled up and disappears and gets pushed down to reappear.

I changed the code in SlideUP from

afterUpdateInternal: function(effect)
{effect.element.down().setStyle({bottom: (effect.dims[0] -
effect.element.clientHeight) + 'px' }); },


afterUpdateInternal: function(effect)
{effect.element.down().setStyle({ top: (effect.dims[0] -
effect.element.clientHeight) + 'px'});

This almost did what I was looking for, but I believe a clear div is
still moving upward causing the effect to start out good and end
completely wrong.



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