Hi All
I'm a core developer of Zikula Web Application Framework [1] and
recently I saw an issue calculating the height of hidden elements.

We use the livepipe library [2] and we have a custom Zikula.UI set.
While I was reviewing some days ago a bug trying to get equal tabs
heights [3] on our Zikula.UI.Tabs,
I saw that the height was not calculated precisely because the tabs
gets hidden, and getContentHeight not getHeight works ok when they
have display:none.
The bug gone when I show() all the tabs, calculate the Height, and
hide them again.

Today, I saw this again, with scriptaculous' Effect.BlindDown.
As the div is hidden, the Height is incorrectly calculated (almost the
double inside our forms), and the effect shifts down the div more than
it should.
The issue gone again if I show() the div and invoke the BlindDown this
time, but now, it's not cool on a dynamic form, as it is noticeable,
not like on the Tabs setup, executed just once.

I just want to report this issue as it seems a little old one (I
remember this bug in old prototype versions)
 and I haven't found any recent reports of this in the list.

We use Prototype 1.7, Scriptaculous 1.9.0 and my browser is FF 4.0.1 on ubuntu,
Thanks and keep up the good work.

[1] http://community.zikula.org
[2] http://www.livepipe.net
[3] https://github.com/zikula/core/blob/master/src/javascript/helpers/Zikula.UI.js#L1222

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