I have something working, but seems that the fetch routine is firing too 
soon, so I wonder if I'm using viewportOffset and getScrollOffset 

        var item = this.layer.select('div.content_item').last();
        var vp_top = item.viewportOffset()['top'];
        var item_top = document.viewport.getScrollOffsets()['top'];
        if(item_top > vp_top) {
           ... fetch more data ...

So above, item represents the last item from the list of results on the page 
and vp_top is of course the viewportOffset value.I'm expecting that the item 
top value is less than the viewportOffset top value until it has scrolled 
into view.  Instead, the ... fetch more data ... code is firing well before 
the layer comes into view.

Thanks for any help.


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