I have a form with a select box and a text input. When I select an
item in the select list the page make an ajax call request to a php
script that returns rows from mysql.

I am able to add items to the db by entering a value in the text input
and hitting submit.
The problem is I want the list(previously pulled from db with ajax
call) to be refreshed, so inside my oncomplete
I use the following:

function addNewType(name,tableName){
        var aj = new Ajax.Request(
                                parameters:{tableName: tableName, newType: 
                                onComplete: function(){



But the showTypes does not seem to be getting called at this point.
I can put an alert in and that will work, but calling my showTypes
function again does not get
the list again.

function showTypes(tableName){
        var aj = new Ajax.Updater('types',
                                onComplete: showResponse


function showResponse(req){


Is there any way to get my showTypes to run again after I add the new
value to the DB?

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