I've found an article in russian "A modular approach to
JavaScript." (http://habrahabr.ru/blogs/javascript/117069/)
where the autor explains one interesting idea how temporary to open/
close acces to private variable.
This trick is based on that if private variable is not simple tipy -
it may be accessible through a reference outside the private scope

var MODULE = (function (my) {
         _private = my._private = my._private || {},

        _seal = my._seal = my._seal || function () {
            delete my._private;
            delete my._seal;
            delete my._unseal;
        _unseal = my._unseal = my._unseal || function () {
            my._private = _private;
            my._seal = _seal;
            my._unseal = _unseal;

    // permanent access to _private, _seal, and _unseal

    return my;
}(MODULE || {}));

It's useful when MODULE is broken down into files.
To give an acces to part of MODULE in anothe file:

 do somthing with MODULE._private (e.g. with _private)....

It's very interesting!

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