By "Ajax call", do you mean an Ajax.Request or an Ajax.Updater ?
If you use an Ajax.Request, I am kind of sure you can do anything in
your onSuccess, including observing new events.
If you use Ajax.Updater which return some embedded <script> tag, it
should work if you ensure option evalScripts is true (but it should be
ok since it works in other browsers).

I recommend you use debug tools recommended by Miguel to have a close
look at the AJAX calls (check headers and content of both request and
response) and figure out what is different between working browser and

Wild guess : chrome may send different headers to your server, causing
the server to reply with different headers, which do not allow
javascript to be executed for some reason.

There is also some limitation for functions created in <script> tags
embedded in an Ajax.Updater:
function f() {...}
will not work, but something like this will:
f = function() {...}

Please let us know when you found what was wrong.


On May 31, 6:14 pm, Kristofer <> wrote:
> On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 10:57:36AM -0500, Miguel Beltran R. wrote:
> > 2011/5/29 Kristofer <>
> > > Hello,
> > > I am trying to figure out how to do this properly.
> > > I have a site with two dropdown boxes, one for a Color and one for a
> > > Size.  Using Event.Observe() I attach a listener to both.  When one is
> > > selected, it performs an AJAX call to update the contents of the other
> > > to show sizes or colors available, and there is also another
> > > Event.Observe() in the AJAX call so that when the updated field is
> > > changed, it updates another element with an "Add to Cart" link and a
> > > price.
> > > This works in both IE and Firefox, but Chrome doesn't seem to be
> > > listening to the new "click" event that is attached through the AJAX
> > > call.
> > > Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I may be missing?
> > are you tried Chrome Developer Tools or Firebug lite?
> >
> > I don't use Chrome, do have something like console errors?
> There aren't any errors.
> I guess what my question is more pointed at is: is it proper to add a
> new listener through javascript code which is passed back through an
> AJAX response?

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