On Jun 14, 7:08 am, buda <www...@pochta.ru> wrote:
> How do you find memory leak in Chrome?
> I acnt find any tool except memory graph!

  Using a memory profiler. Create a memory dump (there is an icon with
eye), do actions which shouldn't retain new DOM elements, create
second memory dump.
  Chrome shows a difference between memory dumps (in terms of memory
size and object counts).


> On 13 июн, 18:02, KIR <kirill.maxi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hello,
> >   I've found (and fixed) a memory leak in Prototype 1.7. Some details
> > are here:
> >  http://kirblog.idetalk.com/2011/06/prototype-17-memory-leak.html
> >   Would be glad if you find this useful.
> >   Regards,
> >   KIR

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