Using html5shiv 1.6.2 (latest) (
and Prototype v1.7..

So, html5shiv makes <article>, <section> etc elements work nicely in
IE<9 .. they appear, you can style them etc. All good. The HTML5
elements all exist within the IE DOM tree in Developer Tools.

However, when you try to grab any such HTML5 elements using
Prototype's DOM-traversal methods (e.g. down(), up()), then they
always return undefined in IE8/IE7 (who cares about IE6?). For

<article id="foo">
    <ul id="abc123"></ul>


var bar = $('foo').down('div'); // works
var baz = $('foo').down('section'); // undefined


var theArticle = $('abc123').up('article'); // undefined

Is this a gaping hole/bug?

Code to reproduce:


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