Hi all,

I am very new to script.aculo.us. I'd like to add a very simple appear effect 
on my web page with this simple code :

Blabla <div id="appear_tip" style="display:none; background:#C0C0C0; left-
margin:30px; border:0px solid #333; "> MY TEXT THAT APPEAR 
<a href='#' onclick="\$('appear_tip').hide(); return false;">hide</a></div>
<a href='#' onclick=\"\$('appear_tip').appear(); return false;">show</a>

Unfortunately doing that. I have a new line break between "blabla" and "show" 
when the text did not appear. I would like the blabla to be just next to show.

You'll find a small example of my issue on :


(here blabla is "Enter the motif(s) :" and show  is "Format specifications" 
which I would like on the same line. Otherwise, format specification looks as 
if it was the title of the textarea.

Thanks a lot for your help,



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